Johnny Wilde born and raised in a farming community of Wall, Texas, always knew he would never work for anyone other than himself and not under the structure of a 9 to 5 job. Introduced to Jim Rohn at the age of 16, and personal development helped solidify his belief that you are either building your dream or someone else’s dream. Johnny started marketing his own beef jerky while still in high school. At age 19 he participated in the Atlanta Olympics managing the rental of stadium seating. This experience opened up the opportunity to manage chair back rentals at several major college stadiums all across the nation including University of Texas and University of Arkansas. He was involved in marketing Legal Shield starting March 2003 and quickly advanced to Executive Director within 21 months thanks to the help of his team.

Having so many years experience in marketing and sales, Johnny was always fascinated by the art of relationships. Some worked and some didn’t, but what was the difference? His extensive travel led to many stories and relationships that he was a part of. He often wondered if other people experienced some of the things he did in relationships. Needing an outlet, it was suggested that Johnny put his stories in writing. Johnny started a blog, LIFEOFWILDE, in 2007 to share his life and see if others had similar experiences. The blog let others read and hear what was happening with Johnny. It became apparent that Johnny was not the only one who had an interest in the inner workings of relationships. In 2013, he added a podcast, LIFEOFWILDE Podcast Edition to reach even more audience members.

Johnny still lives in Wall. Though he has had several relationships, he has never been married or had children. He considers himself a techie keeping up with the latest gadgets. He is an avid fan of Shania Twain and Brooks & Dunn. He even spent some time on the road with Restless Heart as an assistant to the Tour Manager. Johnny is always ready to read a good book and knows more about the TV show Dallas than the average Texan. You can catch him quoting JR Ewing more than once.